Three Innovative Dumplings to Seek Out Around Boston

Did you notice? This was the year of the wonton.

Whether steamed, fried, or swimming in broth, the dumpling was everywhere this year. And why not? Its appeal goes far beyond dim sum Sundays, with chefs now using wonton skins to wrap everything from street-cart fusion to southern-tinged spinoffs. Here, three innovative dumplings to seek out.

dumplings boston

Corned-Beef-and-Cabbage Dumplings
at River Bar

Jewish deli meets Asian pot sticker thanks to Patrick Gilmartin, who subs out sweet soy for a schmear of grainy mustard and a dipping sauce made from rye bread and the pan drippings from his house-cured corned beef.

dumplings boston

Fried Flat Dumplings
at Meju

These spicy dumplings are a welcome crash course in South Korean food-court fare. The key: chef-owner Young Kim’s chewy handmade dough flecked with chopped chive.

dumplings boston

Carnitas Dumplings
at Koy

Opening chef Sebastian Martinez dreamt up this succulent nod to old Mexico, featuring wine-braised pork shoulder, black vinegar, and a drizzle of crumbled queso fresco.


Photographs by Sarah Fisher (River Bar, Meju) and Toan Trinh (Koy)

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