Three Canned Drinks to Try This Summer

It’s not just for frat parties anymore. Regional brewers, overachieving winemakers, and even craft-soda jerks are turning to the portable, UV-deflecting possibilities of the aluminum can.

canned drinks

Photographs by Alexandra Wimley

Banded Horn
Wicked Bueno

High-octane brews are becoming as anachronous as gas-guzzling Hummers. Hence the recent deluge of Mexican-style craft lagers like this crushable specimen, which calls to mind a lime-tinted Tecate.

Farmer Willie’s
Ginger Beer

It seems everyone is jumping on the boozy-soda bandwagon, but this Cape product—crafted from cane sugar, cold-pressed ginger, molasses, and nutmeg—has one distinction: It actually tastes good.

Latitude Beverage
Lila Wines

Boston-based négociant Kevin Mehra’s first foray into the canned-wine game runs the gamut from a tropical New Zealand sauvignon blanc to a minerally Provençal rosé.