Which North End Pizzas Are Worth the Dough?

Find the perfect slice at these four top spots.

best north end pizzas

Photograph by Nina Gallant

You can’t swing a salami without hitting a pizza oven in the North End, home to old-world Sicilian squares, new-school toppings, and, of course, slices as big as your head. And that’s not even counting the singular Regina Pizzeria, which has been drawing lines of devotees since 1926. Here’s where to get your sauce-and-cheese fix.

Pictured above, from top:


Known for its monstrous slices—each is a fourth of an 18-inch pie—and springy yet slightly crisp crust, Ernesto’s never takes its “special” (pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and olives) off the menu.

69 Salem St., 617-523-1373, ernestosnorthend.com.


Thin, perfectly charred Neapolitan-style pies with unexpected toppings such as cacio e pepe (pictured) are served in a minimalist, subway-tiled space.

352 Hanover St., 617-742-9600, localeboston.com.

Galleria Umberto

Blanketed in bubbly brown cheese, these yeasty Sicilian-style slices—a bargain at $1.85 each—sometimes sell out before the restaurant closes at 2:30 p.m.

289 Hanover St., 617-227-5709.

Regina Pizzeria

The ubiquitous mall outposts have nothing on the charmingly timeworn original, which is still churning out brick-oven-baked pies with just the right sauce-to-aged-mozz ratio.

11½ Thacher St., 617-227-0765, reginapizzeria.com.


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