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Russian School Of Math

Advance your child’s math learning this summer! Summer provides a great opportunity for K–12 students to reinforce their math knowledge and prepare for the upcoming school year. RSM offers a variety of math courses, including those that will provide students with additional challenges and teach them how to think logically and conceptually. Test prep courses including SAT I, ISEE, and more. Most of RSM’s courses will be held over a six-week period, with two classes per week starting June 2024. The best way to understand how the program works is to schedule a 30-minute evaluation. RSM’s principal will walk you through the curriculum and methodology as well as answer any questions. Reserve your spot for the summer: mathschool.com/summer-enrollment-ma-region

15 locations in Massachusetts; 855-MATH-855; mathschool.com/ summer-enrollment-ma-region; Facebook: russianmath

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