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Obama Packs ‘Em In For Ed Markey

Ed Markey actually gave a pretty good speech at his own rally today as an opening act for President Barack Obama; still, the congressman and […]


Ask Me Anything #6: Mayor’s Race, And Race

Let’s take a few about the mayor’s race. “John” asks: Does the Moran-Michlewitz-Callahan endorsement that was in the Globe today help Charlotte Golar Richie’s credibility? […]


Ask Me Anything Q&A #3: Michael Capuano’s Seat

“Deborah” asks: Who else is going to run for Capuano’s seat in 14 aside from Pressley? This presumes that congressman Michael Capuano will run for […]


Where Are the Women Candidates?

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few months, you’re likely to have noticed a seemingly nonstop string of announcements lately from politicians tossing their […]


With Menino Out, Boston Could See a ‘Big Shift’ Under New Leadership

With Mayor Tom Menino not seeking re-election, experts say the race is on to fill the five-term official’s seat and win the approval of Boston […]


So Who’s Running for Mayor of Boston Now?

Mayor Tom Menino’s decision to not seek reelection will likely set off a free-for-all among those who have waited patiently on the sidelines for a […]


Someone Is Thinking About Challenging Mayor Menino

Yet again, some anonymous polling firm put me through a few minutes of questions this week on the upcoming Mayor’s race. The call came earlier […]


John Kerry’s Nomination Passes the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Approves John Kerry’s Nomination. Not surprisingly, the committee vote was unanimous. The entire Senate will vote on Kerry’s nomination later today, […]

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The Best and Worst of 2012 Pop Culture

Film Photo by Claire Folger via Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Best Argo A picture written and directed by Academy Award winner Ben Affleck (The Town, […]


Should Boston Overhaul Streets for Bikes?

Are cycle tracks/protected bike lanes coming to Boston? (Photo via Wikimedia/Jim.henderson) Last Thursday, Boston University student Christopher Weigl was killed due to an accident with […]


Someone Is Thinking About Running for Mayor in 2013

One of the least pleasing noises in my household is the phone call in the midst of dinner. But there it was last week—the telltale […]


Pay Phones, Meet WiFi

Call me! Photo by toddalert on Flickr Pay phones have become obsolete in the age of smartphones; their booths, which once sheltered Clark Kent-cum-Superman, transported […]

The 50 Most Powerful People in Boston

After talking to scores of insiders across the area, we ranked the city’s heavy hitters and examine power in all its forms—from political muscle and business influence to cultural capital and social networking.


Ayanna Pressley: Why I Love Dorchester

As part of our annual cover story Best Places to Live 2012, we invited prominent Boston residents to tell us what they love about their […]


Ayanna Pressley’s Party; John Connolly’s Regrets

The more you look at Ayanna Pressley’s first-place finish in Tuesday’s at-large race, the more impressive it looks. As I noted previously, she was able […]