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Somerville: Still Not Quite Green

Last week, Somerville attempted to “go green” by creating an ordinance that would require large stores to provide recycling bins for shoppers’ plastic bags. The […]

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Somerville Tries to Go Green, and Fails

As we’ve learned time and time again, it’s not easy being green. However, it is easy for politicians to cash in on people’s fears that […]

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It’s Not Easy Shopping Green

We here at Boston Daily have had our faith in the capitalist system tested today. It seems that companies may be exaggerating the benefits of […]

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The Greens Go Amish

One of our great pleasures in life is a long, hot shower in the morning. But our green guilt starts to kick in once we […]

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Is the NY Times About to Divest Boston?

There’s a shakeup underway at the New York Times Company. After months of public haggling, Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. has reached an agreement that […]