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Home & Property

A Brookline Couple Turns Their Backyard into a Family Oasis

Though the homeowners purchased their Brookline home in the 1990s when their children were small, they hadn’t utilized the backyard. In 2017, as their children […]

Life & Style

Five Boston Shops Setting New Standards for Sustainability

FOR SHOES Nisolo Fast fashion may be cheap and fun to wear, but its costs to the environment (and the factory workers who make it) […]

City Life

How to Save the Planet Right Here in Boston

You already drive a hybrid, use cloth bags at the grocery store, and recycle (ahem, most of the time). What more is there to do […]

park next to town
City Life

The Top 10 Greenest Towns around Boston, Ranked

You probably know how the schools in your town rank and how housing prices and property taxes compare to your neighboring communities. But have you […]

City Life

It Ain’t Easy Being Green during a Pandemic

Ecologically speaking, my personal pandemic nadir came when I finally tried to deal with the accumulation of plastic bags in my kitchen closet, which had […]

City Life

The West Coast Wildfire Smoke Has Reached Massachusetts

For weeks now, our neighbors on the West Coast have been appealing to East Coasters to grapple with the severity of the wildfires currently tearing […]

City Life

My Lunch with the Hunger Striker Who Took on Charlie Baker

What’s the best way to get Gov. Charlie Baker’s attention? Depending on who you are, it might be by telling the state’s head honcho that […]

City Life

Oh, Great! There Are High Levels of “Forever Chemicals” in the State’s Fertilizer

“Forever” as a concept is a positive one in a couple of specific contexts: everlasting love, stamps. But a troubling forever scenario has recently been […]

City Life

Quincy Is Accused of Spewing Sewage into Boston Harbor

This is how you treat your neighbors? Quincy has some explaining to do, and is facing serious fines, after authorities announced a complaint against the city […]

Boats in front of the Boston skyline on a sunny day
City Life

New Report Finds Cost of Boston Harbor Wall Outweighs Benefits

Build the wall, they chanted. It will solve the problem, they believed. Price tag, shmice tag, they smirked. Not so fast, the researchers said. A […]

A plastic bag stuck in a tree
City Life

Mayor Marty Walsh Signs Boston’s Plastic Bag Ban Into Law

Start hoarding plastic bags now, Boston, because it’s twilight for the ubiquitous vessels. Despite expressing concerns about who will foot the bill, Mayor Marty Walsh […]

A plastic bag stuck in a tree
City Life

Boston City Council Votes to Ban Plastic Bags

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates as many as one trillion plastic bags—more than 31,700 per second—are used annually worldwide. But Boston will soon curb its contributions to that […]

City Life

Trash Your Halloween Décor at Boston’s First-Ever “Pumpkin Smash”

So maybe you have a rotten, brownish-green pumpkin perched on your porch, or you’re already making room for Thanksgiving accents at your front door, or you’ve got […]

City Life

Gypsy Moth Caterpillars Have Eaten a Third of the Massachusetts Forest Canopy

If our literature is to be believed, caterpillars are very, very hungry. And the state of Massachusetts has recently discovered how true that is. Gypsy […]

City Life

How Reverend Mariama White-Hammond Is Bridging Boston’s Racial Divide

The Reverend Mariama White-Hammond grew up straddling Boston’s racial divide. Now, she’s hoping an environmental crisis can bring us all together.