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What the Fluff?


Get Fluffed with These Amazing Fluff Centennial Specials

Somerville celebrates its most famous invention at the 12th annual What the Fluff? Festival this weekend, and with it being the confection’s centennial year—Archibald Query […]

@roadtrip_newengland Fluff Festival

The Best Instagrams from Somerville’s Fluff Festival 2016

If you took part in the 11th annual What the Fluff? Festival in Somerville over the weekend, there’s a chance you’re good on marshmallow Fluff […]


A Decade of Somerville’s ‘What the Fluff?’ Festival

Not long ago, Union Square was a sleepy place—and then a blizzard of marshmallow ooze rolled in. Now, every September, thousands flock to Somerville for […]


Try These Fluff Specials at Somerville Restaurants This Weekend

Though it’s now produced in Lynn, every Bostonian with a sweet tooth knows it’s Somerville that can claim marshmallow Fluff. The city celebrates the storied sticky stuff […]


Beyond the Fluffernutter: Try These Fluff Menu Specials This Weekend

Forget the Great Molasses Flood. This weekend, the streets of Somerville will run sticky with marshmallow goo. For its 10th year, Union Square’s annual “What […]

City Life

Fluff Festival Organizers Leading Campaign to Make the Fluffernutter the State Sandwich

It’s been nine long years since former State Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein first submitted a legislative proposal to make the Fluffernutter—that delicious pairing of peanut butter […]


Somerville Restaurants Offering Up Marshmallow Fluff Treats

Union Square Donuts: “Fluffanutta” Doughnut Since last week, Union Square Donuts has been teasing out images of their new Fluffernutter inspired doughnut via Instagram. The […]


Behind the Marshmallow Curtain: A Look Inside Lynn’s Marshmallow Fluff Factory

Durkee-Mower Inc. is located at the end of a long residential street in East Lynn. The somber two-story building could easily be mistaken for a […]

Arts & Entertainment

What the Fluff?: The History of Your Favorite Sandwich Confection

Mimi Graney knows everything there is to know about Fluff. From the ingredients, to the history of the white, marshmallow-y substance, she could talk about […]

City Life

Why I Love Fluff Fest (or: Making the Case for Somerville)

Almost 76,000 people live in Somerville’s four square miles, making it one of the densest cities in the country. Yet, ask a coworker or friend […]