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Goodbye, Sloppy Styrofoam: Here’s How to Take Actually Stunning Photos of Takeout Food

It was all so simple, once upon a time: You’d take a seat at a restaurant. A gorgeously plated meal would arrive. A few snapshots […]

City Life

Varshini Prakash Is Trying to Save Boston From Climate Change

On my college campus at UMass Amherst when I was 19, we ran a campaign to divest from fossil fuels. I was astonished when someone […]

City Life

Wilnelia Rivera Is Fighting for Democracy, One Campaign at a Time

I’m a strategic disruptor. My role is to bring people together who can actually get something done. To get results, you have to build alliances […]

Arts & Entertainment

Boston’s Theater Offensive Is Challenging Oppression Through Art

My first theater class was in middle school—my teacher got her MFA at Emerson College. As a child, theater matched my creative imagination, and gave […]

Arts & Entertainment

The Founders of Spaceus Are Exploring New Ways to Exhibit Art

Stephanie Lee: While we were studying architecture at MIT, Ellen and I began to have conversations about local institutions’ lack of support for creativity. As […]

City Life

Jonathan Greeley Is a Man With a Plan

For the past four years, I’ve run the division of the Boston Planning and Development Agency that focuses exclusively on development, so I spend most […]


Michelle Caldeira Has an Offer You Can’t Refuse

We believe ending gang violence in Boston and in the country is possible. The city’s high-impact gang players, according to the police department, total about […]

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Christine Marcus Is Here to Rescue Your Sad Desk Lunch

The impetus for Alchemista came in 2012, while I was at MIT and none of our catered meals were memorable. One night, my classmate brought […]

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Ohad Elhelo Speaks His Peace by Fostering Entrepreneurship

When I moved to Boston, I looked at the Palestinian conflict from afar for the first time, and it was devastating. As someone who served […]

Arts & Entertainment

Bethany Van Delft Is No Joke

There is a massive difference between being a standup comedian and being funny. I took a standup comedy class at the Boston Center for Adult […]

City Life

Will Dailey Wants to Make Boston a Hot Spot for Musicians

There is no ladder of ascension in Boston, no healthy structure for artists to thrive, and I’m dedicated to staying here and solving that. When […]

City Life

Sheena Collier Is Creating a Guide for Living in Boston While Black

When I first visited Harvard, I told my mother, “I don’t see any black people; I’m not going here.” And she said, “Girl, it’s Harvard—I […]

City Life

Emily Isenberg Is the Life of the Party

Marketing whiz Emily Isenberg on throwing pop-ups for Kanye and Edelman.

Michael Fallon
City Life

Influencer: Michael Fallon Is on the Rise

Fifth-generation developer Michael Fallon on the future of Boston’s skyline.

City Life

Influencer: Olivia Ives-Flores Is Off the Wall

Olivia Ives-Flores is taking Boston’s art scene out of the gallery and into the city’s coolest parties.