One of the Rarest Lobsters in the World Was Found in Maine Waters

Consider the rare split-colored lobster: unusual catch turns up in Maine http://t.co/R3JsumvS3p — Guardian US (@GuardianUS) July 7, 2015 New England has become a hotbed […]


Just How Special Is This Bright Blue Lobster?

Here in New England, waiting for strangely colored lobsters to be pulled from the ocean has become sort of a spectator sport. And the crowd […]


Lobster Truck Hits Bridge, Catches Fire, Delays Commuter Rail Trains

Riders were in a pinch Tuesday morning after a truck carrying 7,000 pounds of live lobster crashed into a bridge in Westwood, caught fire, and […]


Gov. Patrick Declares October 12 ‘Lobster Day’

Gov. Patrick’s office spent Thursday doing exactly what the rest of the country imagines a Massachusetts governor does with his Thursdays: drawing up a twee-looking […]


Attack of the Mutant Lobsters!

Seriously, what is going on with lobsters lately? A couple crustaceans with bizarrely deformed claws have come out of the Massachusetts waters in the past […]


Mainers Created a Lobster Doughnut Because Of Course They Did

A cutting-edge report in the Bangor Daily News uncovers a new food item that may just be the deep-fried collusion of every hot trend* in […]


Here Is a Video About Cannibal Lobsters in Maine

How’s this for a D-list horror plot? Off the coast of Maine, an odd atmospheric phenomenon called “climate change” has the sea temperatures warming, and […]


Walgreens in Boston: Now Serving Live Lobsters

If you thought venturing into the giant Walgreens in Downtown Crossing to try brightly colored pieces of sushi was an adventure, then you haven’t been […]


Here Is a Lobster that Looks Like Darth Maul

Over on Good Morning Gloucester, a North Shore lobsterman found a lobster that looks curiously like Star Wars character Darth Maul. Because everyone’s Monday could […]


Photo: Giant, 21-Pound Lobster with Foot-Long Claws

“I had its tail on my shoulder and I had each claw in one of my hands, and it was as long as my arms […]


Calico Lobster Found at Jasper White’s Summer Shack is One in 30 Million

The lobster, now named Calvin, almost wound up on someone’s plate but is now en route to the Biomes Marine Biology Center in Rhode Island. […]


Tibetan Buddhists Set Free Hundreds of Lobsters Near Gloucester

Tibetan Buddhists Set Free Hundreds of Lobsters Near Gloucester. More than 500 lobsters were sprayed with blessed water before plunging into the Atlantic … instead […]