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Mental Health

City Life

Another Summer of Fireworks Hell Is Coming to Boston…Or Is It?

Like more or less everyone in Massachusetts, I’ve been known to appreciate some good illegal fireworks every now and then. Nothing beats blasting off a […]


JC Monahan: Breaking My Silence

I could hear their voices, soft and muffled. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Eventually, they grew louder. Two, maybe three male voices? […]


We’re All Grieving Right Now, and It’s Okay To Show It

It was one of those cold, gray mornings during the early days of COVID when I don’t think any of us understood what was going […]

City Life

Test Your 2020 Memory: When Did This Happen in Boston?

It has been nine whole months since the effects of the pandemic really took hold in Boston, and life as we knew it changed dramatically. […]


How to Find Mental Health Care in Boston: An Essential Guide

Signs to Look For Not sure whether it’s garden-variety blues or something more serious? Here’s how to tell if you (or your loved ones) might […]


Inside Boston’s Looming Mental Health Crisis

Read more about Boston’s mental health crisis If I asked how you are doing today, how would you answer? You might say “pretty well”—after all, […]


Mental Health Resources for the Black and Brown Community in Boston

“I am not well if WE are not well” has become the tagline of the dance cardio studio, Trillfit, in Mission Hill, owned and operated […]


How to Help Children Cope with Depression and Anxiety Right Now

Growing up like a “regular kid” is anything but regular these days. From virtual learning to days on end spent with parents and siblings instead […]


Eight Ways to Cope with Your Feelings of Grief During the COVID Pandemic

During the past couple months, I’ve heard many times that the feelings of the pandemic are sort of like riding a roller coaster. Everyone is […]


Where to Find Free Mental Health Resources around Boston

Finding the right therapist can be hard. And if you need help right now, it can be even harder and more frustrating to go through […]

City Life

Why Stress Baking Is Everyone’s Favorite Way to Cope

Typically, I do one of two things when I’m stressed: I run from my feelings or I eat them. A month ago, when the coronavirus […]

Arts & Entertainment

Have You Heard the One about My Crippling Depression?

On the evening of October 11, 1993, 23-year-old would-be standup comedian Gary Gulman, a towering, well-put-together man from Peabody who had failed as a tight […]

a portrait of Dorothea Dix
City Life

TBT: Dorothea Dix Visits East Cambridge Jail for the First Time

Getting political traction and starting a revolution is no small task—especially if you’re a woman in the 19th century. But Dorothea Dix was one of […]


The Interview: Sleep Expert Charles Czeisler

Can’t sleep? Boston’s top expert explains why getting a good night’s rest means more than just a comfortable pillow—it means changing the way we live.


Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Gut Health and Science Funding

Massive cuts detailed in President Trump’s budget blueprint could change health and science research as we know it, nationwide and here in Massachusetts. The plan—which is […]