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Polar Seltzer


The 2016 Polar Summer Flavors Are Officially Out

In New England, there are many signs of spring and summer. Temperatures rise, winter coats are banished to storage, plants bloom, people once again spend […]


You Could Help Polar Pick Its Next Flavor

If you were one of those people filling your trunk, shopping cart, and social media feeds with bottles of Polar Seltzer’s Unicorn Kisses flavor, the […]


Polar Unveils Unicorn Kisses Seltzer

There’s something in the water over in Worcester, and it appears to be unicorn kisses. Polar, the Worcester-based reigning king of seltzer, has rolled out […]


Polar Seltzer Released Its Latest Batch of Seasonal Flavors

Seltzer fans, Christmas has come early. The winter 2015 batch of Polar Seltzer seasonal flavors was announced today, and it includes tart cherry and lime, winter citrus […]


Polar Seltzer Flavors, Ranked

New Englanders are passionate about their Polar. The Worcester-based company has been around since the late-1800s, and very rarely lets anyone behind their Wizard of Oz-like […]

City Life

Something New Is Always Bubbling at the Polar Beverages Flavor Laboratory

In a small, rectangular room overlooking part of the city of Worcester, it’s not uncommon to hear burps coming from the people sitting around a […]