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10 Reasons Why Boston Is the Best Running City in America

We run morning and night. We push through rain and snow. When our bodies say stop, our hearts say go.


55 Amazing New England Hikes

From Milton to Maine, your next great outdoor adventure awaits.


The Top 12 Spa Escapes in New England

From historical properties to contemporary seaside escapes, New England has no shortage of resorts with first-rate spas. We hit the road in search of the very best to help you laugh at winter in style.


Toward a Better You

Our definitive health and beauty guide, with news you can use at every age.


Stronger, Faster, Dirtier*

This type-A town has always had a thing for in-your-face intensity, and it was only a matter of time before our getting-in-shape gambits got turbocharged. Boston, it seems, has fallen hard for extreme fitness. This month, we highlight six regimens that are more than just trendy—they’re also highly effective, guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life.


How Boston’s College Athletes Work Out

We’ve rounded up well-toned warriors from nine area athletic programs—and collected fitness tips from their coaches and trainers. Feeling inspired to take up (or resume) a favorite sport this summer? Go on, give it the old college try.


Escape Plan: Five New England Spas and Resorts to Check Out This Spring

Five New England spas and resorts to check out this spring.

Health and Fitness: What You’re Doing Wrong…And How to Do It Right

In every aspect of our lives, we’re inadvertently doing ourselves harm. But the New Year is here, which means it’s the perfect time to start turning things around. Here, we diagnose your problems and provide helpful, easy-to-implement solutions for your new healthy lifestyle.