These Are the Fanciest Fitness Clubs in Boston

Take a peek inside 10 of Boston's most upscale exercise havens.

Gym goers tend to fall into two camps. There’s the group that’s just looking for a couple treadmills, some weights, and a place to change clothes, ideally at a low price. (If that’s you, check out our list of affordable gyms.)

And then there’s the group that’s willing to shell out a little more—or a lot more—to take advantage of Boston’s bustling high-end fitness scene, complete with its designer duds, spa-like locker rooms, and unparalleled equipment. Sound familiar? We found 10 of the fanciest fitness clubs in Boston. Not enough options for you? Don’t miss our Ultimate Guide to Gyms around Boston.

Barry's Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp/Photo provided

Barry’s Bootcamp

Perks: Nightclub vibes, on-site juice bar, Malin + Goetz toiletries
Locations: Downtown Boston, Chestnut Hill, and Back bay 
$400 for 30 classes per month

A trip to Barry’s feels like a night out at the club—only a lot more grueling. Bumping beats, red lighting, and beautiful people make this boutique studio one of the hottest around. After your workout, cool down with Malin + Goetz products in the locker rooms.

30 Chauncy St., Boston, and other locations,

B/Spoke Studios

B/Spoke Wellesley/Photo provided


Perks: Trendy retail, Aesop products in the locker rooms, studio tours for first-timers
Locations: Downtown Boston and Wellesley
Cost: $340 for 20 classes a month

Spin haters often say the same thing: “If I wanted to ride a bike, I’d ride an actual bike.” But with top-notch lighting and sound systems, luxury locker rooms, and swanky retail, this locally grown brand, with locations in the Financial District and Wellesley, proves that there’s way more to a good cycling studio than the bikes.

101 Federal St., Boston, and other locations,

CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga/Photo provided

CorePower Yoga

Perks: Huge retail boutiques, high-tech practice rooms, fully stocked locker rooms
Locations: Fenway, Comm Ave, Back Bay, Harvard Square, South End, Seaport, Fresh Pond, and Newton
Cost: $169 for a month of unlimited classes

Spacious practice rooms—tricked out with high-tech climate control systems that allow instructors to monitor heat and humidity down to the very degree—put CorePower a cut above the rest. After you get sweaty (and trust us, you will) refresh yourself in the generous locker rooms.

36 Traveler St., Boston, and other locations,


Equinox photo by Jamie Ducharme


Perks: Luxury locker rooms, on-site spas, salons, and juice bars, personal training, sports courts, best-in-class facilities
Locations: Back Bay, two in Downtown Boston, Chestnut Hill, and the Seaport
Cost: Starting at $190 per month

There’s a reason—several, actually—that Equinox is the best-known luxury gym of them all. Its facilities are flawless, from the group fitness studios all the way to the Kiehl’s-stocked locker rooms. The on-site Juice Press bars, spas, and retail boutiques certainly don’t hurt, either.

4 Avery St., Boston, and other locations,

EverybodyFights Financial District

EverybodyFights FiDi/Photo by Jamie Ducharme


Perks: Blow dry bar-equipped locker room, on-site juice and retail, celebrity founder, personal training
Locations: Seaport and Downtown Boston
Cost: $155 per month for unlimited classes

“Luxury” and “boxing gym” are words not often seen together—except when describing EverybodyFights, the brainchild of George Foreman III. Both the Seaport flagship and the new Financial District location offer boutique-quality classes and perks, with the added convenience of allowing members to use the facilities even when classes aren’t in session.

15 Channel Center and One Federal St., Boston,


Exhale Battery Wharf/Photo provided


Perks: Spa discounts for members, swanky locker rooms, stocked retail boutique, personal training
Locations: Battery Wharf and Back Bay
Cost: $250 per month for unlimited classes

When your gym is also a spa, you know it’s going to be swanky. After punishing yourself in Exhale’s barre, yoga, cycling, or HIIT classes, there’s nothing more satisfying that collapsing into a spa robe and taking a hot shower in the luxurious locker rooms. Why not stay for a massage?

Two Battery Wharf and 28 Arlington St., Boston,


Healthworks/Photo provided


Perks: On-site massages and juice at some locations, area retail discounts, kids’ clubs
Locations: Back Bay, Cambridge, Chestnut Hill, Coolidge Corner
Cost: Starting at $100 per month

This women-only gym, which has four locations around Boston, enhances its top-notch group fitness schedules with perks like on-site juice bars, spas, and heavenly locker rooms. In short, this is a gym you’ll actually enjoy visiting.

441 Stuart St., Boston, and other locations,

Life Time Athletic

Life Time Athletic/Photo provided

Life Time Athletic

Perks: Personal training, plus a laundry list of amenities and equipment, from pools and rock climbing walls to spas and cafés
Locations: Framingham, Westwood, and soon Chestnut Hill
Cost: Starting at $179 per month

Life Time’s crazy-huge gyms (its Framingham, Westwood, and Chestnut Hill locations all approach 130,000 square feet) house just about everything you could want in a health club. Whether you’re looking for swimming pool with a water slide, a full-service café, a relaxing spa, or pristine group fitness studios, you’ll find it here.

335 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill, and other locations,

Republic Fitness

Republic Fitness/Photo provided

Republic Fitness

Perks: Chic decor (think reclaimed wood and industrial vibes), Malin + Goetz products, high-tech equipment, personal training
Location: Downtown Boston
Cost: Starting at $130 per month

Healthworks’ co-ed brand caters to the work hard, work out harder crowd. Its diverse group fitness schedule is complemented by cutting-edge equipment—such as machines that sync with your playlist and your Fitbit—that makes exercise enjoyable. Beautiful locker rooms round out the experience.

183 High St., Boston,


SoulCycle/photo provided


Perks: Candlelit ambiance, heavy-duty sound systems, branded apparel, luxury toiletries
Locations: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Chestnut Hill, Seaport, and Dedham
Cost: $32 per drop-in class

SoulCycle isn’t the king of indoor cycling for nothing. The carefully curated environment (candlelit classes, empowering wall art, sleek interior design) and high-class finishing touches (SoulCycle boutiques online and in-studio, more toiletries than your bathroom at home) almost makes you forget how hard you just worked.

300 Cambridge St., Boston, and other locations,