Seven Gyms with Turf to Exercise on around Boston

Turns out, the fake green stuff isn't just beneficial for athletes.

gyms with turf

Photo provided by Republic Fitness

With the boom of functional fitness (a.k.a. training in the gym to be better at the things you do outside the gym) has come the boom of more and more gyms installing or expanding their turf areas. Turf, which is usually green fake grass, and sometimes carpeted material, is great for many things. Even if you’re not a pro athlete lacing up cleats, you can take advantage of the numerous ways to utilize it—and yes, that includes more than just sprawling out for core exercises.

Below, we rounded up seven gyms in the Greater Boston area with plenty of turf space.

BSC Lab: Most BSCs in the city have a large turf area. The Government Center and Downtown Crossing locations have both been completely remodeled to house larger turf areas—you’ll never feel like you’re impeding someone else’s workout. If you need a little more guidance, BSC Lab has classes that utilize their smaller, but more exclusive, space. 699 Boylston St., Boston, 617-918-7767,

Achieve Fitness: Drop into this strength facility located off of Union Square for a metabolic conditioning class where they’ll have you not only running sprints like a true athlete down their turf, but also crawling, rolling, and pushing heavy sleds as if you were in spy school. 42 Merriam St., Somerville, 617-616-5801,

AMP Fitness: Located right downtown in the Financial District, swing by AMP for AMP Camp on a Saturday when the entire gym, including their over 15 yard long turf, is utilized for a strength and conditioning class. 30 Court Square, Boston, 617-320-0090, 

Lifted Fitness: Be careful what you wish for at this Southie spot. They utilize their 20 yard long turf area in every group strength class with everything from core work to mini band walks, as well as a lot of prowler pushes and sled drags. 803 Summer St., South Boston, 

Republic Fitness: The turf at this centrally located gym is massive. It’s 45 feet long, so you have ample room to run, skip, jump, or, quite frankly, lay down and take a little nap. All jokes aside, utilize it in between sets with free weights, or warm up and cool down before you work out. Two International Place, Boston, 617-379-5800,

Rx Strength Training: This home for weightlifters, powerlifters, and general meatheads has an extensive turf area spanning 30 yards along the gym wall filled with fun gym toys like sleds, kettlebells, boxes, and tires. 50 Tufts St., Somerville, 1-855-655-7978,

Lynx Fitness Club: This 2018 Best of Boston winner doesn’t shy away from turf workouts. Their turf space is lined with mirrors and a dumbbell rack, making it easy to configure a workout of your own. Or you can let the trainers of Lynx do the thinking, because each morning they write a new workout on the mirrors for you to use at your leisure. 64 Arlington St., Boston, 857-990-3785,