Off the Cuff

Fun fasteners let the groom wear his personality on his sleeve.

wedding cufflinks groom

Photograph by Francine Zaslow, Styling by Jenny Wilson/Anchor Artists

1. Vintage sterling-silver-and-crystal cuff links, $450, Brodney Antiques & Jewelry.

2. Tokens & Icons sterling silver typewriter-key cuff links, $145, Sikara & Co.

3. Vintage brass “T”-token cuff links, $100, Twentieth Century Ltd.

4. Vintage sterling-silver-and-scrimshaw cuff links, $150, Twentieth Century Ltd.

5. Deakin & Francis gold cuff links, $2,450, Shreve, Crump & Low.

6. Plated-brass cuff links, $75, Ted Baker.

7. Tateossian “Pandora’s Box” rhodium-plated cuff links with salt and pepper, $165, Sikara & Co.

8. Nathaniel Goldstein mercury-dime cuff links, $85, Drinkwater’s.

9. Bey-Berk “Gear Shifter” rhodium-plated cuff links, $65, Sikara & Co.

10. Penny Black 40 rose-gold-plated cuff links with watch movement, $200, Shreve, Crump & Low.

11. Tokens & Icons sterling silver Boston Garden parquet-floor cuff links, $200, ICA Store.

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