BFF (Beauty Find Friday): Lengthen Your Hair with Laserbeamer Nano

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano extensions might sound like science fiction, but they're all about making your fantasy wedding hair a reality.

Hairdreams Nano Laser Hair Extensions

Bridal hair photo via Shutterstock

Usually, the term “nano” describes things that are really, really small. But the Nano treatment from Hairdreams is all about huge—huge hair, that is. The kind of hair that looks great under a wedding veil.

“[Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano] extensions bring a bride an instant way of adding length and volume for the perfect dream wedding hair,” says Christina Perkins, owner of Pyara Spa and Salon, one of only two Boston-area salons (Beaucage Salon & Spa is the other) and a handful in the country that have the Nano technology. “Instead of a whole-day application for conventional extensions, you don’t need to set aside much time,” she says. “The hair itself is fairly maintenance-free, so you’ll be able to enjoy your princess feeling way past your wedding day.” Translation: Honeymoon hair never looked so good.

An updated version of previous Hairdreams technology, the new Laserbeamer Nano gun creates a bond that’s cooled in the same step by the software in the gun. The old laser gun required a cooling spray that had to be manually applied, resulting in smaller, less stable bonds. “The newer Nano gun allows for a better, longer-lasting more natural bind and extension process,” says Perkins. “The new gun blends the extensions to your hair in a way you can’t tell it’s extensions.  There is no piece-iness to the ends, because the flat bonds lay the hair smooth.”

You can also expect incredibly natural color from Hairdreams. While most extensions start out as black hair that gets bleached and colored to its desired shade, the high-end 7 Star extensions from Hairdreams aren’t bleached out: “What Hairdreams does is take hair from different cultures, hand-pick the colors for natural variations at different color tones, then they naturally put tapering in the hair. In other words, they’ll find natural blonde hair for the blondes,” says Perkins. “They don’t dye it at all.” Similarly, Hairdreams’ 5 Star stock “is only adjusted two shades with non-fading color.”

With Nano technology, there’s no more waiting and waiting for your luscious locks. A stylist can complete a full head of extensions in a single hour, or add volume to existing length in as little as 15 minutes. But even though the treatment is speedy, the results aren’t: The bonds can last six to seven months, instead of the typical tape-in extensions’ six weeks or so.

Ready to remove them? While some extensions have a reputation for damaging hair, the Hairdreams extensions are designed so that the bond adheres to itself, not your hair, effectively crimping it around your strands—so when you take the extensions out, you’re breaking the bond, not your hair.

It does cost a pretty penny to look this lovely: Adding volume costs a few hundred dollars, while adding length can run you $1600 and up. But when it comes to achieving your dream bridal hair, that might seem like a nano price to pay.

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