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Photographs by Jared Leeds

Photographs by Jared Leeds

The Bloom Builder
How to adorn your wedding with flowers that radiate natural beauty? According to floral designer Teresa Fung, the key is to take a step back.

The Master Strategist
With so many moving parts to a wedding, it’s best to entrust the machine to a planner who’s calm and organized. A good sense of humor helps, too.

The Music Makers
It’s not a party without dancing — and that, of course, requires a killer lineup of tunes. The producer behind the Sultans of Swing dishes on how to ensure your playlist hits all the right notes.

The Photo Synthesizers
Because there is no “I do” take two, you’ll need a skilled photographer who can capture every last memorable moment of your big day.

The Propriety Pro
Good wedding manners involve a lot more than just fancy table settings and proper phrasing on invitations. Local etiquette consultant Jodi R. R. Smith tells us why it’s all about ensuring that everyone enjoys the (drama-free) festivities.