Looking Sharp: Chef-Approved Knives by Adam Simha

Take a look at Simha's knives currently used by Boston chefs.

Top local chefs have turned to Adam Simha for high-quality handcrafted knives since 2005, but until recently, the artisan also specialized in designing modern furniture. Now he’s making knives full time in his North Cambridge workshop, recently launching a small line (starting at $250) based on a custom number he designed for chef Liz Johnson, formerly of Coppa and Toro, who now works at the lauded Charleston, South Carolina, restaurant McGrady’s. Next up is a cheese-knife collection created in collaboration with Formaggio Kitchen. In addition to his latest lines, Simha also sells more-gently priced pieces (starting at $150), and takes custom orders. Here, Simha shares his thoughts on a few creations that chefs and bartenders are using to slice, dice, and fillet at local restaurants.

knives by adam simha 1

Ice Knife
Designed for John Gertsen, bar manager at Drink, Fort Point

“This knife is specifically designed for ice. John Gertsen brought up the need for it as a replacement for the throwaway Asian cleavers he’d been using until they literally broke. I tried to get as much weight into this knife as possible so the staff at Drink could let the knife do the work.”

knives by adam simha 2

Chef’s Knife/Slicer Hybrid
Designed for Collin Davis, B Street, Newton

“I’ve done this pattern several times. It drops through food like a Japanese sashimi knife but is weighted more like a traditional European chef’s knife.”


Chef’s Knife
Designed for Ana Sortun, Oleana, Cambridge

“Ana wanted something nice and light, with the balance right in the middle and a little bit of a rock. It’s not a style I would have made left to my own devices, but one I’m very glad I did.”

knives by adam simha 4

Nikiri Knife
Designed for Michael Scelfo, Russell House Tavern, Harvard Square

“The nikiri is a symmetrical style of Japanese vegetable knife. It’s very delicate and cuts like a laser. I use one about 40 percent of the time.”

knives by adam simha 5

Boning Knife
Designed for Nookie Postal, formerly of Fenway Park (and of the forthcoming Commonwealth, Kendall Square)

“It’s a particularly stout and rigid blade, which means even at the narrow tip it’s very strong. Nookie wanted to go with a lobster-buoy-style handle in Red Sox colors.”