Alicia Vikander Confirms Matt Damon’s Nice Guy Reputation on the Tonight Show

The actress said he's the nicest guy in the industry, to the chagrin of Jimmy Fallon.

Alicia Vikander and Jimmy Fallon

Photo by Andrew Lipovsky / NBC

Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck may not want to hear this, but Alicia Vikander thinks Matt Damon is one of the nicest people in Hollywood.

The Jason Bourne actress chatted about her co-star on Thursday night’s episode of the Tonight Show. Vikander revealed that she heard about Damon’s nice guy reputation when she first started doing English-speaking movies.

“He’s like the one where everybody’s like, ‘Matt Damon, he’s probably the most nice guy in the industry,’ and he is,” Vikander said. “Like every guy that I meet just wants to be his best friend.”

The late-night host was a bit bummed over the star’s declaration, as Fallon has a reputation for being a pretty nice guy himself and was probably hoping to own the title of the world’s nicest celebrity.

“There are other nice people in the industry,” Fallon joked. “You don’t have to name names.”

After shrugging off the comment, the comedian asked Vikander if Damon gave her any advice while working on Bourne, since both stars won their first Oscars in their 20s. The actor gave her a short but sweet tip.

“Have fun,” Vikander said.

Check out more from Vikander’s interview with Fallon below.