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Jonathan Soroff


Life & Style

Dispatches from Boston’s Swankiest Parties

Celebrating 10 years of Vanessa Kerry’s Seed Global Health. Plus, Horsing Around at the Mandarin and Boston‘s very own Taste.


Seven (Sorta) Secret Caribbean Winter Getaways

Throw a bathing suit on under your puffer coat and high-tail it to Logan—getting away from Boston’s icy cold is easier than you think.

City Life

The Interview: MIT President Sally Kornbluth

The incoming queen of Kendall Square talks Smoots, “cancel culture,” and getting more young girls into STEM.


The Interview: Boston Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper

Now at the helm of a beleaguered BPS, new superintendent Mary Skipper is determined to make the grade.


Boston Traveler: Burlington, Vermont

Even in the fall, this foodie-friendly city on the banks of Lake Champlain offers plenty of reasons to get out on the water.

City Life

The Interview: Boston Public Library President David Leonard

Boston Public Library president David Leonard may not have much time to read, but he sure knows how to tell a good story.

Arts & Entertainment

The Interview: CNN Anchor and Correspondent Audie Cornish

How do you make it from the South Shore all the way to CNN? The network’s newest anchor tells all.


Boston Traveler: Napa Valley

Trade the dog days of summer in Boston for a buzzy harvest season in America’s wine capital.


Boston Traveler: London

Whether you hop on the famous Ferris wheel or spend the day strolling side streets like a local, you’ll feel like royalty in the Swinging City this season.

Arts & Entertainment

The Interview: Playwright and BU Professor Kirsten Greenidge

Where does Kirsten Greenidge find inspiration for her award-winning theatrical works? All over Boston, of course.

City Life

I Haven’t Got a Stitch To Wear!

Boston’s social butterflies have spent the past two years attending Zoom fundraisers in their pajama pants. What happens when we actually have to don tuxes and gowns again?

Life & Style

Iconic Sunnies, and Five More of Linda Pizzuti Henry’s Spring Must-Haves

The CEO of Boston Globe Media shares a few things that make her smile.

City Life

The Interview: U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins

Massachusetts’ top legal eagle spills the tea.

Annibale Siconolfi: The Cycle
Arts & Entertainment

Here’s What It’s Like to Go to an NFT Exhibit

Boston has its first one ever at the Pellas Gallery.


Boston Traveler: Sedona, Arizona

Sandstone and spirituality mingle in the high Arizona desert.