Bostonista Chats: Today Beauty Editor Bobbie Thomas

1217516688So… it goes without saying that we weren’t quite looking our best yesterday. And when we’re feeling particularly, um, not-well-presented, we sometimes like to turn our attention to people who are exceedingly put together. It’s our own particular brand of shaming/motivation.

And thus our topic today is the lovely Bobbie Thomas, with whom we chatted last week as she swung through Boston.

You may know Bobbie if you stick around the house long enough to veer into those dangerous third and fourth hours of the Today Show. (You know, the ones that prevent you from running errands or effectively “working from home” by offering a stream of mesmerizing Kathie Lee-and-Hoda montages.)

She’s the show’s beauty and style editor who is a) gorgeous and b) apparently routinely asked by her friend Justin Timberlake, “why does your face look like it’s glowing?” (Answer: Because she dusts a boomerang of Stila #9 All-over Shimmer from the outer edge of her eyebrow to the top of her cheekbone.)

In any case, that’s beauty authority enough for us. Here, Bobbie’s top five* tips:

Change fragrance seasonally. Bobbie wears Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz as a light summer scent, then switches to Tom Ford’s Black Orchid for fall.

Go for a dramatic eye with colored liner. She swears by Makeup Forever’s budge-proof Aqua pencil.

Always wear false eyelashes. Given our own experience, we were a bit skeptical about this one…but Bobbie says the key is to cut the lashes in half length-wise for a natural look. She uses drugstore-brand Ardell in #124

Try a spinning mascara brush if you can’t deal with the falsies.

Do not leave your makeup bag at the gym. If you do, do not root around your cast-off cosmetic bin for a concealer that you’re relatively certain was purchased during your (paper-facebook-era) college days. In fact, dispose of said bin entirely. This one is really important.

*Also, Bobbie only gave us four tips.