Bostonista Moves

1220371849We’ve always thought of Labor Day as a great reason to get to the beach. Or the pool. Or the mountains. Or, frankly, anywhere that involves doing as little actual “labor” as possible. That is, until this year ushered in a nasty surprise in the form of the demolition of our cozy South End apartment.

Finding a new place to live was the easy part. Leaving behind our building mates was harder. But nothing, not even the gracious help of a few strong men, compares to the p.i.t.a. that is moving.

As avid travelers, we’ve always maintained that packing is better than unpacking. And though wrapping all our precious items in old newspapers was no treat, nothing compares to navigating the disaster zone of a new, half-organized flat. We can hardly get to our bathroom sink for the mess of scattered products, nor walk through our living room for a mountain of hangers and miscellaneous debris.

But, as usual, we suffer the pain so you don’t have to. Here, our fool-proof way to recover from the hard labor of Labor Day.

1. Get help. Immediately.

2. Hire someone to set up your cable and phone.

3. Take the opportunity to clean out your closet. (Um, we mean hire someone to do that, too.)

4. Get your new place spit and polished.

5. Get yourself spit and polished.

6. And, finally, do what you were supposed to do all along.