The Lust Lineup: Plymouth Rocks

Thought the ship had long ago sailed on 17th-century fashion? Think again. Just in time for the Mayflower’s 400th anniversary, designers are churning out buttoned-up styles that are anything but dowdy.

The inspiration: Louis Vuitton’s spring runway show featured a modern spin on the classic Pilgrim collar. / Courtesy photo

1. The earrings:

Courtesy photo

Soko “Malindi” brass-and-horn mini hoop earrings, $78, Marine Layer.  

2. The carryall:

Courtesy photo

Chloé “Daria” leather bag, $1,850, All Too Human.

3. The dress:

Courtesy photo

Sea “Olivia” denim dress, $380, Dress Boston.

4. The bangle:

Courtesy photo

“Clic H” enamel bracelet, $670, Hermès.

5. The hat:

Courtesy photo

Gigi Burris Millinery “Drake” velour-felt hat, $355, All Too Human.

6. The buckle shoes:

Courtesy photo

Roger Vivier “Belle Vivier” canvas pumps, $875, Saks Fifth Avenue.