What Sharks Really Think About That Surfer Shark Attack

They were vocal on Twitter.

By now, you’ve seen the above video of the surfer shark attack. During the finals of the J-Bay surfing competition in South Africa Sunday, surfer Mick Fanning dodged a shark that nicked his leash and board. Fanning punched the animal on the back and he and everyone else who was in the water are all safe.

But even though shark attacks are in the news a lot this summer, it is important to note that these animals are looking for food—seals, not humans. The experts at OCEARCH—a non-profit organization on the Cape that tags and researches great white sharks and other large apex predators—who’s motto and hashttag is #replacefearwithfacts, aims to do just that.

Although what happened this weekend is alarming and scary, the sharks wanted their followers to know that it is not the norm. Below, the best shark attack-related tweets this weekend—from the sharks.

Could be true.


Shark’s got jokes.

Samir knows what’s up.

And, of course, everyone’s an f’in expert. Don’t be this Rob Lowe.