Boston’s Latest Juice Company Has Substance

Beacon Blend uses entire fruits and vegetables in its juices to preserve fiber.

Beacon Blend

Beacon Blend photo provided

Among the most common arguments against juicing, at least from a nutrition perspective, is that the practice robs fruits and vegetables of their fiber, a substance that helps keep the digestive system healthy and slow the body’s absorption of sugar. What’s left behind is nutrient-rich, sure, but lacking a key component of whole produce.

Enter Beacon Blend, a new juice company committed to using every part of the plant in its products.

The company, which soft-opened this winter and launched its website this month, currently makes two juices ($9 each), five smoothies ($9 each), and a chia water ($5.50 each). All are organic, and all contain full plants—pulp and all—to keep as much fiber in the blend as possible.

“Keeping the fiber in the juice sets us apart from all other juice shops in the area,” says owner Danielle Perretty. “Juice, like any other healthy food, provides nutrients, but juices should contain all parts of the fruit and vegetable, including the fiber.”

Without a brick and mortar shop, Beacon Blend’s core focus is delivering its products to offices, businesses, and homes in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. Delivery is free if you order at least four bottles, and, for true juice junkies, growlers are available as well.

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