Lululemon Is the Most Popular Clothing Store in Massachusetts

According to analysis from Social Context Labs, we really love yoga pants.

If it seems like you can’t take a yoga class, go to brunch, or share oxygen with fellow sentient humans without seeing Lululemon apparel, you’re not imagining things. Apparently, it’s the most popular clothing store in Massachusetts.

Refinery29 asked research company Social Context Labs to analyze social media activity across the country, in an effort to parse out each state’s most beloved store. Nordstrom and Macy’s got a lot of attention nationwide, but here in the Commonwealth, we love nothing more than a good Lycra blend.

The yoga pant titan was less revered nationwide, though, only topping the popularity charts elsewhere in Kentucky and South Dakota. Our fellow New England states favor Forever 21 (New Hampshire), Old Navy (Connecticut and Vermont), Macy’s (Rhode Island), and Nordstrom (Maine).

Still, Massachusetts’ love of Lululemon isn’t shocking, given our fit populace and the state’s longtime ties to the athleisure industry. And if you waited in the hours-long lines at the Lululemon warehouse sale last fall, we’re guessing none of this is news to you.