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January 2019 Issue


Top Doctors 2019

Local MDs open up about life and loss on the front lines. Plus, our all-new list of Boston’s top doctors.


City Life

The Bully of Boylston Street

Sam Hassan made a fortune in real estate and designer shoes. Then it all fell apart.


Tiffani Faison Has Nothing to Apologize For

How the former Top Chef toque went from TV villain to Fenway’s culinary queen.


A Bostonian’s Guide to the Other Greatest Places in the World

Twelve destinations in 12 months—all just one nonstop flight away.


Doctors Tell All

Twelve local MDs open up about life and loss on the front lines.


City Life

The Interview: Robert Earl

Can this globetrotting millionaire save Bertucci’s, the region’s beloved Italian restaurant chain?

City Life

The New Insiders

An unprecedented number of black leaders are now in power. Does that mean Boston’s race problems are getting better?



Liquid Diet: Healthy Buzz

Here’s a New Year’s resolution we can get behind.


Tastemaking: Punk Fare

How Dropkick Murphys frontman Ken Casey is rocking the restaurant industry, one buzzy opening at a time.


Obsessions: Teodora Bakardzhieva and Jairo Dominguez of Bar Mercato

The couple shares their favorite international snacks and souvenirs.


Small Bite: Main Event

Chef Tony Maws cooks up a casual new Craigie hangout—and more soon-to-be-famous burgers.


Restaurant Review: Chickadee

The millennial restaurant comes of age with a plucky Seaport addition.

Fashion + Style


Impulse Buy: Hot Head

Embellished with boho prints and chunky knits, this season’s wide headbands pop.

Life & Style

What’s In Store: Nailed It

Forget just picking a color. These days, nail artists can transform your fingertips into teeny painted masterpieces you’ll never want to chip.


Boston Traveler: The White Mountains

Whether you prefer to drink in the season’s snowy scenery atop a mountain or by a roaring fire, this winter wonderland has you covered.


Total Knockout

Sign up for a class at one of these local boxing gyms and you’ll be swinging left hooks in no time.

Life & Style

The Lust Lineup: Heavy Metal

Channel your inner cosmic diva and pile on the glitter, silver, and shine.


City Life

Donut Break Our Hearts, Dunkin’

With a new name, logo, and marketing plan, the beloved local brand is positioning itself for the future. But does that future include us?

Home & Property

Going Up!

Here’s the lowdown on six of the tallest projects reshaping the city.

Home Design

Home & Property

Covet: All Tied Up

Aratani Fay’s sculptural chair is so stunning it looks like a work of art. And technically, it is.

Home & Property

Spaces: Reinventing the Wheel

When the Ferrari is out for a spin, this luxurious garage has a surprising second life.

Home & Property

Either-Or: A Modern Masterpiece in Wayland vs. a South End Penthouse

Which would you choose?


City Life

Was the Frog Pond Ever an Actual Frog Pond?

Have you wondered about the history of the Frog Pond on your annual ice-skating outing?

Arts + Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

The Must List

Seven can’t-miss things to do and see in January.