Get Organized with Help From These Five Boston Businesses

Marie Kondo your home (and your life) just in time for fall.

Alessei “Circus” jars and boxes from Local Root.

For Pantry Essentials
Local Root

An explosion of juice boxes, a hodgepodge of spices, half-eaten bags of chocolate chips stashed atop crackers, and soup cans shoved into corners. If that sounds anything like the chaos that plagues your kitchen pantry, you’re overdue for a visit to Local Root. Helmed by the team behind Didriks, the company stocks the shelves of its Belmont and Newton stores with gorgeous Royal Copenhagen canisters, snack-friendly Alessi jars, pot-lid organizers from Yamazaki, and Zone’s versatile canvas-lined baskets—in other words, everything you need to keep the mess at bay.

77 Leonard St., Belmont, 617-993-3269; 2284 Washington St., Newton, 617-467-4847;

A peek inside the Paper Mouse in West Newton. / Photo by Victor Lee

For Planners
The Paper Mouse

Keeping track of important dates and tasks via smartphone is all well and good—except, of course, if you crave the analog thrill of crossing things off your calendar or to-do list with your favorite pen in hand. For that simple pleasure, we turn to this charming shop, which peddles all manner of old-school planners and journals from brands like Baron-fig and Field Notes to help you remember every deadline, concert ticket, and parent-teacher conference.

1274 Washington St., West Newton, 617-928-9898,

For School Supplies
University Stationery Co.

With the changing of the seasons comes the promise of an exciting new school year—and the laundry list of supplies your kiddos need to start off on the right foot. Help them prep for success at University Stationery Co. The small-but-mighty shop carries just about everything you’d find at the big-box stores: binders, pens and highlighters in every color, calculators, printer paper, and so much more.

296 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-547-6650.

Closet organization by POSH. / Photo by Heidi Solomon/POSH

For Professional Organization

Try as we might, not all of us are blessed with the talent (or discipline) to declutter our homes on our own. That’s where Heidi Solomon comes in. The seasoned pro and her team have transformed many a playroom, office, and spare room (among other clutter-prone spaces) for clients in houses and apartments alike. Solomon’s crew will even handle disposing of any items you’ve decided to part with—as big a help as any.

For Closet Systems
New England Closets

Even if your closet has enough room to fit all the clothes you’ve been stockpiling in various sizes over the years (no judgment), can you actually find anything in there? We didn’t think so. Let the experts at this Woburn-based firm help infuse your sartorial hideaway with some much-needed structure. After a free design consultation, they’ll craft a custom walk- or reach-in closet system with all the racks, shelves, drawers, and/or perfectly sized cubbies your heart desires.