Police Blotter Fun


As a public service, we recap the droll commentary and surprisingly stupid criminals that make the crime reports required reading.

No, no, anything but that! Some sick monster stole a “first addition [sic] Credence [sic] Clearwater Revival poster” from a men’s bathroom in Brookline. Clearly, someone still is keeping the faith for a CCR reunion. [Brookline Police Blog, 2nd item]

Wasn’t there a park bench available? An off-duty Boston police officer woke the driver of a truck with heavy front-end damage. Once the driver pulled over, the officer found drugs and needles in the car. If he’d passed out in Central Square, no one would have noticed. [BPDNews.com, 2nd item]

Asking for it? If you leave a laptop in your car, it may be wise to lock the doors, dumbass. [Brookline Police Blog, 4th item]

Maybe he thought Francona would pitch Gagne again? Christopher Sucky (hee) of Wrentham was so drunk he wasn’t allowed in Fenway Park Saturday, and he got belligerent when police told him to leave. If he’d gotten wasted inside Fenway Park, it would have been totally fine with everyone. [BPDNews.com, 4th item]