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papers_9_10.jpgRIP: WBZ Talk Radio host and columnist Paul Sullivan has died of cancer. He was 50 years old. [Herald]

Monday morning irony: The Turnpike Authority has a new U-turn ramp ready to open in Back Bay, but the Authority won’t open it until January. Why? To help quiet the outcry over next year’s toll increases. Probably won’t work, but nice try, guys. [Globe]

First the State House, now little old ladies: A 68-year-old grandmother was hit with bullets after police say rival gangs got the wrong address. You’d think the fact that she was chilling out in a nightgown would have tipped them off. [Herald]

Just think of all the UMass onesies they’ll sell: College students around Massachusetts are paying $50 for birth control they could once get for $7, which has college officials worried they’ll have a crop of babies on their hands. It’s hard to muster up sympathy since we’ve been dealing with increasing drug prices for years now. [Globe]