Tom Brady: Male Model

1190053034We often wonder what Tom Brady and his Brazilian supermodel girlfriend Giselle Bundchen talk about. Perhaps they talk about politics and the deeper meanings of life. Maybe they talk about TV shows. One thing they have in common lately is their modeling careers, and since everything we know we learned from America’s Next Top Model, we decided to review Tom’s work in that arena.

Tom’s recent profiles started with an appearance in the Fall/Winter issue of VMan magazine.

This picture doesn’t wow us, really. Tom didn’t really catch the light, putting half of his face in shadow. Perhaps this is an artistic statement about the dark side of Brady’s personality. You know, the one who knocks ladies up before he dumps them. We’re not too impressed.

Now this is what we’re talking about. Brady’s still fully-clothed, but the wet t-shirt is perhaps more salacious than bare skin. We guess Brady had a blemish on the day of the photo shoot since the same side of his face is obscured by the shadow, but we’re willing to overlook it because we can see his muscles through his t-shirt. But we love it when you look us in the eye, Tom.

Which he does, on cover of GQ., on newsstands Wednesday.

Did GQ get Brady after his return flight from California after the birth of his son? Because it looks like he hasn’t shaved in days, one pupil is dilated, and his mouth is half-open like he’s sucking down the first breaths of fresh air. The super-close up and harsh light also reminds us of having our passport pictures taken. While we agree our quarterback is a stylish guy, we like him best when he looks like this.