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1192624806Victory: Niki Tsongas won the 5th Congressional District election with 51 percent of the vote. It’s back to the hay fields for Jim Ogonowski, who got 45 percent. [Globe]

Defeat: The Red Sox are one loss away from golfing for the rest of October with their 7-3 loss to Cleveland last night. [Herald]

Would you pay $2.35 to ride the T? You may soon have to. According to a study by MassPIRG, the MBTA will have to borrow money to make ends meet, raise fares by 38 percent in the next five years, or cut service. Good thing we have all that casino revenue to look forward to. [Globe]

Oh wait: But the casinos may never get off the ground. State Treasurer Tim Cahill tells the Herald that the secretive manner in which Governor Deval Patrick developed his casino plan alienated the Legislature, virtually guaranteeing its defeat. [Herald]