Fake Blood + Dark Park = Trouble

1194970809Hollywood has invaded our fair city, but it seems we’re not ready for our close-up. Last night, Charlestown residents taking a stroll through Paul Revere Park were frightened to see three people covered in blood and a man carrying a handgun. Turns out they’d stumbled upon an illegal movie set.

Townies, dubbed by its director as “the most realistic Irish mob movie in the world,” was filming without permits. Since the director is a 34-year-old ex-con with “a Panasonic DVX100 camera, one microphone, three 60 watt Home Depot lightbulbs and [sic] editing bay” we can assume there was no food service or trailers around to tip people off that this was a movie set.

Add in the people walking around a dark park covered in fake blood and you’ve got a situation that’s perfect for panic.

So take that under advisement, ex-cons and Emerson students. Make sure you have the proper permits before filming your indie Irish mob movies in public.