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1197293594One recommendation at a time: The Boston Fire Department has acted on an audit of its practices, forming a committee to enact changes after the autopsies of the two firefighters killed in West Roxbury showed drugs in their system. It’s still unclear if random drug tests will pass union muster, but it’s a start. [Globe]

Shop with confidence: Police Commissioner Ed Davis tells Michele McPhee that all Boston police officers have undergone training to deal with situations like the one in a Nebraska shopping mall last week. [Herald]

Well well, look who’s come crawling back: In a Spanish-language debate last night, the Republican presidential candidates tried to soften their tone on immigration, saying how much they love Hispanic voters’ commitment to family and country while still remaining tough on illegals. The toughest candidate was probably Tom Tancredo, who doesn’t support legal or illegal immigration and didn’t attend the event. [Globe]

In related news, water is wet: A Herald reporter tries to go shopping at the new Patriot Place on a game day and is shocked to find gridlock on Route 1. Lucky for her, there is a schedule available online to avoid this scenario in the future. [Herald]