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What’s next for Pakistan: The death of Harvard-educated Benazir Bhutto has thrown the country into chaos, as well as Washington’s plan for democracy. You get the sense there is no Plan B right now. [Globe]

Tainted milk leads to listeria:A dairy in Worcester County is shutdown after an investigation linked to Whittier Farms to the death of two elderly men. Interestingly, the Globe lists two deaths, the Herald three. The third? A pregnant woman’s unborn child. [Globe] [Herald]

Channel 5 wants its game back: The ABC affiliate is not happy that its exclusive simulcast of the Patriots game isn’t so exclusive anymore after the NFL decided to let CBS and NBC carry it, as well. [Herald]

Now you tell us: Frantic holiday bargain shoppers possibly shouldn’t be so frantic after the Globe discovers better deals in the days before Christmas then the Friday after Thanksgiving. [Globe]