And the Winner Is. . .

1199479007Yesterday, we had a little fun with the Iowa caucuses and made predictions on the outcome. Now that the focus is on Tuesday’s primaries in New Hampshire, we decided to look back at that magical night in Iowa one more time and award the coveted Finger on the Pulse of the Electorate Award to the BoMagger who made the most accurate calls.

The system is simple. We award 10 points for correctly naming the winner, 5 for second, 3 for third, and 1 measly point for fourth place. The prize? The right to gloat and proclaim themselves the smartest in all of 300 Massachusetts Ave.

Tied for last place are Gonzalez and Derjue, with only 11 points. Neither of us correctly guessed any of the Republicans, but we both called Barack Obama’s win and Joe Biden’s fourth-place finish for the Democrats. Much like Hillary Clinton, we’re lamenting those precious few votes that separated her from John Edwards.

Coming in second is Flannery with 20 points. He got the top two Republican finishers, and correctly called Edwards in second place for the Democrats. He may have come in first had he called Obama for the Dems. Somebody isn’t feeling the gospel of change.

And our winner for this primary is Keohane with 25 points. By putting Mike Huckabee ahead of Romney and believing in Obama’s message of together we can change is coming, he will have the ability to call himself the victor. Congratulations, sir.

The rest of us won’t rest until we prove we’re smarter than Keohane, which shouldn’t be so tough, so we’ll be back with our picks for New Hampshire next week.