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1199971522Our personal favorite is the soot-covered pile of snow: Due to the seasonal lack of street-sweeping and the melting snow, the streets of Boston look downright nasty. Of course, the city has no plans to start cleaning them in the winter because the Public Works department is busy fixing potholes and plowing. [Globe]

Mitt Romney is the $5 million man: The former governor’s supporters raised $5 million during yesterday’s National Call Day. Maybe that’s enough money to put his ads back on the air in Florida and South Carolina? [Herald]

Would you like antibiotics with that? CVS will open two dozen MinuteClinics in its stores next fall. The clinics will be staffed by a nurse practitioner who can treat minor problems, like bronchitis and ear infections. [Globe]

It’s got to be pretty quiet in the State House lunchroom these days: Massachusetts Democrats are fairly split in their choices for their party’s presidential candidates, but most of the local politicians have cast their lot with Hillary Clinton. [Herald]