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1206966342If the New England Journal of Medicine can do it, why not BU? Big tobacco companies gave millions of dollars to four Massachusetts colleges to investigate medical conditions that are linked to smoking. The schools say the source of the funding didn’t have any bearing on the outcome of their research. [Globe]

The one sure bet in life is the Speaker’s unwillingness to back down: Pro-slots representatives want House Speaker Sal DiMasi to stop blasting a proposal to allow slot machines at racetracks. Naturally, Sal won’t hear of it. [Herald]

Don’t count on having a say at the voting box, either: DiMasi’s utter control of the House is also causing pro-casino forces in the Senate to give up on a casino referendum. [Herald]

It could have been worse, so let’s wait and investigate when it is: The NTSB won’t investigate last week’s runaway freight car collision with the commuter rail. The train engineers’ union is appealing the decision, citing the fact that if an Acela train had been charging through there would have been many more injuries. [Globe]