Midair Mayhem

1208880993It would be perfect fodder for Channel 7 if it didn’t involve one of its employees. A local TV news executive lands at Logan, screaming her head off and trying to evade arrest when police arrive on the scene.

Unfortunately for the News Station, it was WHDH GM Randi Goldklank who was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after landing at Logan.

She tells the Herald that it was all in self-defense after another passenger groped her 15 minutes into the flight from Philadelphia.

“I didn’t feel that I should be arrested,” a distressed Goldklank said in a hallway outside her downtown apartment. “I did nothing wrong. I defended myself in a situation where I felt violated.”

Boston.com has the police report, which paints Goldklank in a less flattering light.

“I’m a bigshot in Boston and I’ll have you’re [expletive] jobs,” Goldklank told the troopers, according to the report. “You think your a [expletive] tough guy, just you watch and see what the [expletive] happens to you when I get out of here.”

As a big shot, it’s best to go quietly. You don’t want the Send it to 7 line inundated with grainy cellphone movies of your bad behavior.

Over at Universal Hub, Adam Gaffin wonders how the station will play the story about one of its own. Dedicated Channel 7 viewers should probably turn the dial to get any coverage about the debacle. Our contacts at WHDH say that management hasn’t told employees anything about the charges and that no one is talking about the story around the newsroom.