We Don’t Want Taxi TV

1209069517It’s been a while since we’ve been to New York City. (We’ve been waiting for that sweet $1 bus ticket.) But the good people at New York magazine’s Daily Intel wrote about a Big Apple phenomenon called Taxi TV.

Please God, don’t let anyone bring this horrible idea to Boston.

Remember T Radio? Have you filled up your gas tank at one of the Turnpike rest area pumps that have been outfitted with a TV? It’s like those annoying media ventures, but in a cab.

The minute you get in a cab, it begins. Slightly too loud, overpromotional, and really kind of too food-oriented, Taxi TV is something that all New Yorkers are learning to deal with.

Riders do have the option of turning off the TV, but we’re already overstimulated in cabs. They smell bad, we’ve been on rollercoasters with smoother rides, and we spend most of the time praying we make it to our destination alive. We don’t want that delicate balance disturbed by someone telling us to switch banks or where to eat.

And besides, we’ve got bigger cab-related problems to solve.