Massachusetts Goes Commercial

Here at Boston Daily, we aren’t too worried about the tax breaks Massachusetts gives filmmakers. If the state didn’t lose money in a bid to lure Kate Hudson to town, it would probably blow it on some ridiculous pork-barrel project.

1211904183But we are a little nervous about the fact that companies are taking advantage of the state’s generosity to make TV commercials, largely because we don’t want our own state to bother the hell out of us.

Imagine sitting through Head On commercials where the aching individual applies the product directly to the forehead while standing in front of the Paul Revere House. Attendance would drop precipitously after tourists develop an association between the landmark and the annoying campaign.

Or PC and Mac might show up to draw a parallel between the ugliness of Boston City Hall and a PC laptop. Chevy could park one of its trucks on top of Plymouth Rock to mirror its old slogan. Life Alert would come by in the dead of winter to send poor Mrs. Fletcher down an unshoveled sidewalk in Beacon Hill.

Unless it involves Jonathan Papelbon’s real butt, we’d just as soon skip the commercials altogether, thanks.