Sex on the Beach

1213975227People have always enjoyed romantic interludes at the beach. Maybe it’s due to the intoxicating aroma of burned flesh and sunscreen. Perhaps it’s a combination of scantily-clad people and the seductive hiss of waves rushing over the sand. Most likely, it’s because you have less of a chance of getting poison ivy on your ass at the beach than you do engaging in al forno copulation in the woods.

But would-be beach shaggers on the Cape would do well to follow the old adage and get a room. The authorities are on to you. [via WBZ]

Officials in Provincetown and Truro report that the number of people caught in flagrante delicto has tripled in the past decade.

In a Sept. 19, 2007, letter, a New Jersey family walking with children in the dunes encountered “several couples and then a large group of men having group sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex right out in the open.”

Other complaints describe Seashore visitors encountering public sex acts at Head of the Meadow Beach in North Truro and near a Seashore building off North Pamet Road in Truro.

Heh. Head of the meadow. (Yes, we’re twelve years old).

But seriously, who decides to have a group orgy on the beach when people are walking around? You’ve got a better chance of going undiscovered if you go in the dark of night. Not that we’d know anything about it. We hate getting sand in uncomfortable places.