GQ Strikes Again, This Time for Zuckerberg and Priebatsch

GQ, yes, the painfully-fashionable publication that recently took issue with Boston’s collective wardrobe, is back at it. This time, it’s technical: specifically, 15 of the worst-dressed men in tech, including our very own Seth Priebatsch and our briefly-own Mark Zuckerberg, both known for their social tech platforms and their respectively eye-shatteringly orange and blue/gray-and-denim wardrobes.

Honorable mentions include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Ben Huh, of ICanHasCheezburger (and, apparently, also of 80’s throwback cat T-shirts).

Okay, sure, it’s funny, and this isn’t the first time some of these guys have been singled out (see: Mark by Mark Zuckerberg), and the fact that tech guys can’t dress to GQ standards isn’t too much of a shock. The overwhelming majority of tech guys I’ve ever met (and I grew up with tech guys) just don’t give too terribly much of a damn about clothes as long as they are comfortable and look decent. Because there are other things they have to think about, like developing the iPhone you’re reading this on or Facebook page you found it on.

That said, there are well-dressed exceptions to this rule out there — heck, HuffPo just did a round-up of exactly that (by the way, Steve Jobs landed on that list, too).

Enough with the worst-dressed, GQ: If you’re going to run a style piece on major innovators, show me who you consider today’s best-dressed techies, because by now, I’m genuinely curious: Is there anyone out there who can make the ever-so-sharp GQ cut?