Daily Feed: Rajon Rondo's Would-Be Puncher Insists He is the Real Victim

Rajon Rondo’s Would-Be Puncher Insists He is the Real Victim. Eric Valarezo, better known as the guy who allegedly tried to punch out the Celtics point guard at a Lowell nightclub, says that he was pushed first and was just trying to defend himself against the six-foot, one-inch tall athlete — whose identity, Valarezo swears, was also utterly unknown to him at the time. Clearly, the presence of bodyguards and other star players failed to tip him off that this might not be a guy you want to take a swing at. Valarezo is scheduled for arraignment later today. [Boston.com]

Malfunctioning U-Haul May Have Been The Cause for Yale-Harvard Tailgating Death. According to the lawyer representing Yale undergraduate, Brendan Ross — the driver of the rented U-Haul that struck three people and killed a Salem woman this weekend — it was the vehicle itself which may have been at fault when the truck sped up in the crowded college parking lot. So far, no charges have been filed, nor say police, will they be until after an investigation has been held, which will include a forensic examination of the truck. [Huffington Post]

The Church Makes a Last Ditch Effort to Save Society’s Moral Fabric and Stop the Casino Bill. Gov. Deval Patrick has already indicated that he will almost certainly sign the bill before Thanksgiving, but this did not stop the Massachusetts Catholic Conference from writing to the Governor on Friday, asking him to veto the measure. It’s not the actual gambling that offends the church, according to the Catholic Conference’s spokesman, James Driscoll — they’re just fine with Bingo fundraisers, for example — it’s the boozy, glitzy, predatory casinos with all their empty promises of happiness that they have a problem with. [Enterprise News]

Speaking of the Church: Disgraced Former Boston Archbishop Resigns Position Again. This move makes Cardinal Bernard Law’s second resignation within the Church, this time as Archpriest of St. Mary Major Basilica. Prior to that, he had been a Boston Archbishop before stepping down after numerous lawsuits accused him of having aided the Church’s child molestation coverup. He is so far the only U.S. bishop ever to have resigned for his actions. And he had to ask permission twice. [Sacramento Bee]

Babson College Startup Attempts To Remove Awkwardness of Hitting on Friends Via Facebook App. With Trint.me — which, by the way, stands for ‘true intention’ — users get to do the equivalent of passing a study hall note, but with none of the risk: if the target doesn’t share in the crusher’s desire, then they don’t find out about all those terribly embarrassing secret feelings. According to a Babson spokesman for the program, the app has met with great success on campus so far, having helped more than 500 sad, lonely crushes blossom into reciprocated matches. [Herald]