Photos: Boston Gets Ready for the Blizzard

We assembled photos from around Boston as the city prepares for a potentially historic snowstorm.

The Boston streets were unusually quiet on Friday morning as the city and its residents made final preparations for a blizzard that could dump up to three feet of snow and blast winds up to 70 miles per hour across the area.

Here are are a few photos from around the web—taken during a time when we could still see the pavement:

@Boston_to_a_T posted this Instagram photo of the Mass Ave MBTA station this morning:
mbta orange line

A bunch of people submitted their photos of grocery stories running out of supplies to WCVB and Universal Hub. Like this one, taken at the Porter Square Shaws by @BernieReeder:

boston snow

This morning, Jim Cantore and Al Roker stationed at the Boston Common with a yardstick:

Roker followed it up with this pretty, geometric view of the Common:

The MBTA tweets a photo of this machine that will clear snow during the storm:

Everyone's rightly comparing this storm to the Blizzard of '78 (check out this slideshow for photos), but the Boston Public Library updated its Flickr photostream with Boston snow photos from an earlier time. Here are a few:

Cars abandoned in snowdrift

Clearing snow from buried auto

Blizzard decorates Boston and Franklin Park

And finally, the inevitable Nemo joke making the Twitter rounds that's only funny until the power goes out:

Be sure to heck out these ways to track the storm on your own.