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City Life

The Untenable Misery of Shoe Shopping for New England Weather

WHEN YOU GROW UP in Massachusetts, you grow up with weather. Sure, every place has it, but not like here. We got the best. It’s […]

City Life

Pollen in Boston Is More Apocalyptic Than Ever. Or…Is It?

Where were you when The Wall of Pollen of 2022 swept through the Commonwealth, bathing every home, highway, nostril, and windowsill for miles in its […]

City Life

70 Degrees and a Winter Storm Watch? In New England, Yes

Considering the downright beautiful weather outside in Boston on Wednesday, you’d be forgiven for not looking at your phone at all. Days like these in […]

City Life

A Taxonomy of Boston Space Savers after the Blizzard of 2022

Space saver season is back, baby! After this weekend’s historic blizzard, the streets of Boston are once again awash in beach chairs, coolers, busted durable […]

City Life

Boston Meteorologists Are Having the Absolute Time of Their Lives Right Now

A billion inches of snow! Mwah ha ha!!! You feel that electricity in the air? The sense of foreboding, the deliciously piquant mortal terror washing […]

City Life

A Big Cold Snap Is Bringing Frigid Temps to Boston This Week

  Now would be a very good time to invest in some long johns. Or if you can possibly swing it, to consider not leaving […]

City Life

Finally! Some Cold and Snow Is on the Way to Boston, Folks

What type of winter would it be here in this beautiful, temperamental climate of ours if we didn’t get absolutely walloped by chilly precipitation from […]

City Life

This Week’s Nor’easter Comes on the 30th Anniversary of the “Perfect Storm”

Batten down the hatches, and the gaudy 12-foot-tall yard skeletons: a spooktacular nor’easter is rolling across the Northeast. It’ll land in Boston just before Halloween […]

City Life

So How about That Lightning Storm in Boston, Huh?

Wow, man. This week’s vicious, punishing heatwave came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday night with some of the loudest, most beautiful, and most batshit […]

child enjoying snow
Arts & Entertainment

How to Have the Best Snow Day in Boston

It’s that time again: Your weather app’s forecast is filled with snow icons, the bread and milk aisles are bare at the local Market Basket, […]

bucket space saver
City Life

I’ve Given It Some Thought, and Space Savers Are Good Now

Having lived in the Boston area for a long time now, I’m not too big to admit that I’ve changed my mind a few times […]

City Life

Sure Hope This Snowpiercer-Esque Harvard Project Doesn’t End Up like the Movie

To kick off 2021, a team of Harvard scientists is celebrating the fact that it’s taking the first steps toward a bold and potentially game-changing […]

City Life

Boston Is Dreaming of a Windy Christmas to Close out 2020

It was already about to be a deeply unusual Christmas in Boston, and now this. Forecasters are sounding the alarm about extraordinarily high winds and […]


Five Scenic Winter Walks That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re in a Boston-Themed Snow Globe

No matter what you may say, it is always a good day when it snows in Boston. The city looks pretty darn good when it’s […]

City Life

Some Real Snow Is Coming to Boston on Wednesday

It’s really happening: As we lurch into winter, the Boston area is bracing for its first good snow storm of the season on Wednesday, which […]