Globe to Charge People Who Don’t Know How to Use Incognito Mode More

The broadsheet is hiking its digital price 74 percent.

Photo via AP

Photo via AP

The Boston Globe is raising the price of its online edition 74 percent, or roughly 99 cents per day.

The Globe has charged $3.99 a week for its digital subscription since 2011, when it first instituted its paywall. But starting Monday, that number will jump to $6.93. The paper will still offer a $3.99 promotional rate for new subscribers. Commonwealth magazine has already broken down the numbers and showed how the Globe’s new rates stack up to other major newspapers.

“In order to continue producing the quality journalism you know and love, we find it necessary to increase our subscription rates,” vice president and chief customer officer Peter Doucette told subscribers in an email, detailing upcoming changes to the paper’s sports section and a new squad of digital-first reporters.

As a news writer, I welcome the hike and wholeheartedly support the idea of supporting quality journalism. As a news consumer, I ready my cursor over my browser’s Incognito Mode button, wallet unscathed.