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Life & Style

Iconic Sunnies, and Five More of Linda Pizzuti Henry’s Spring Must-Haves

1. The Sunglasses “JFK was frequently photographed wearing these classic sunglasses, which are still made by the Massachusetts company American Optical.” “Saratoga” sunglasses, starting at […]

City Life

Ed Kane Just Wants To Have Fun (Right?)

Boston. L.A. London. Bangkok. Ed Kane shows up in more places than James Bond during a double feature—and it’s hard to know where he’s going […]

City Life

Mark Ruffalo Filmed a Message of Support for Boston Globe Union Members

Boston Globe staffers engaged in a long-running and increasingly acrimonious contract fight with the paper’s owners recently received an A-list gesture: Spotlight movie star Mark […]

City Life

Five Takeaways from a Conversation with Linda Henry

From the pandemic to a new U.S. president, 2021 is off to a busy start if you’re in the news biz. For the Boston Globe’s […]

City Life

The Police Shooting that Boston Forgot

Fifty years ago, rising soul sensation Franklin Lynch was shot dead by police at Boston City Hospital. The killing of an unarmed man, and its […]

City Life

Even in a Pandemic, the Boston Globe’s Paywall Is Staying Up

At a time when the health of millions is literally in everyone’s hands right now (sorry), accurate and thorough information about what the new coronavirus […]

City Life

No News Is Bad News

Let’s say that you consider yourself pretty well informed. You read the Globe, not to mention the Times, the Post, or the Journal every morning. […]

City Life

Boston Globe Staff Staged a Walkout to Call for a “Fair Contract”

Frustrated by stalled contract negotiations and “draconian proposals” from their employer, staff members at the Boston Globe walked out of work in a lunchtime protest on Tuesday. The Boston […]

City Life

A Man Who Threatened to Kill Boston Globe Reporters Has Been Arrested

A man who allegedly threatened to shoot and kill reporters at the Boston Globe following its highly publicized effort to promote the free press has been […]

City Life

The Globe’s Editorial Push Has Gotten Under Trump’s Skin

It’s not clear yet if the Boston Globe’s call for newspapers around the country to defend the concept of a free press in their editorial pages—a […]

City Life

Boston Globe Ends Investigation into Harassment Allegations Against Top Editor

The Boston Globe has concluded its investigation into top editor Brian McGrory’s interactions with former Boston.com staffer Hilary Sargent. According to an email to staffers […]

City Life

The Boston Globe Has Dropped Its Lawsuit Against Hilary Sargent

The Boston Globe has decided to end its legal battle with Hilary Sargent, a former employee who shared saved text messages conversations on Twitter that appeared to show […]

City Life

What Happened Today When the Boston Globe and Hilary Sargent Faced off in Court?

The legal back-and-forth between the Boston Globe and a former employee who has accused its editor of sexual harassment will continue, for now. At a […]

City Life

The Boston Globe Is Taking Hilary Sargent to Court

The Boston Globe is seeking an injunction against former boston.com staffer Hilary Sargent in the wake of tweets she posted earlier in the week alleging misconduct […]

City Life

The Boston Globe Is Investigating Misconduct Allegations Against Editor Brian McGrory

Executives at the Boston Globe are investigating misconduct allegations against the publication’s top editor, Brian McGrory. The move comes after former Boston.com staffer Hilary Sargent sent a […]