Massachusetts Uses 🍪, 🐣, 🚕, 🔝, 👲 More than Any Other State

Treble clef and wedged sandal? Not so much.

British tech firm SwiftKey has created a map of the top emojis used in each of the United States. As a piece by Gizmodo cleared up, these aren’t the most popular emojis in each state, as such a map would yield “a lot of smileys (and probably a few hearts).” Instead, SwiftKey’s top emojis in each state are the ones residents use more than the U.S. average, and in some cases, more than any other state, based on data collected between June 2014 and June 2015.

So which emojis does Massachusetts use more than the other 50 states? Cookie, hatching chick, taxi, “top,” and “man with gua pi mao,” a type of Chinese hat. Meanwhile, Bay Staters use penguin, golf hole, apple, puppy, and bus more than the U.S. average.

All attempts to tease any sort of meaning out of these findings will likely be futile, but hey, never tell us the odds. The cookie emoji is fitting, given the chocolate chip cookie was invented at the Toll House in Whitman, Massachusetts. Or perhaps the sheer volume of tourists pouring into Mike’s and Modern Pastry combined with the lack of a proper cannoli emoji has given rise to the cookie emoji’s dominance. “Top” clearly refers to jazz brunches at the Top of the Hub, while the taxi is probably the result of all our spirited, emoji-filled discussions over ride-hailing apps and the sharing economy. Or something like that.

The emojis Massachusetts uses less than the U.S. average are pink bow, wedged sandal, and treble clef. No love for Keith Lockhart, apparently.